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FAME RGV is a free magazine written in English and Spanish which shares info on the latest events and trends in culture around the Rio Grande Valley, as well as insightful articles and interviews with talented local artists and performers found only in the Valley.
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The main objective of this magazine is to show the great diversity of local talent in the Valley and the many opportunities that can be found pertaining to fashion, art, music, and entertainment. Our Valley has great directors, artists, actors, fashion designers, musicians, singers, writers, and more, all of which we want to bring to the attention of all our readers.

We also seek to put a spotlight on important cultural knowledge and traditions which may have been lost or forgotten over the passage of time so that they are remembered once again. 


To increase people's engagement with cultural customs that bring enrichment to our family, personal, cultural and professional environments. Our vision is that we all stand to benefit from being made aware of exhibitions , classes, sightseeing, businesses big and small, related to art, music, plays, dance, sports, performance, radio, painting, acting, singing, and more right in our home. We seek to create a healthy balance between the past of our grandparents and the present of our children .

We invite you to become part of this project which is for professionals as well as a guide for children, young people and adults.


Erika Gutierrez


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Dustin Leidner

Writer/ Web Master


Graphic Design

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